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1st Regional competition rules

1.    Only categories defined on entry information page will be accepted.

2.    People can enter a maximum of 1 beer per sub category with a maximum of 3 entries total.

3.    3 bottles of each entry must be supplied in either 33 or 50 cl sizes.  ONLY these sizes will be accepted. You can mix and match if needed, entering some bottles as 33 cl and some as 50 cl.  3 bottles MUST be entered.

4.    Beer must be packaged in bottles with no markings of any kind. No raised glass, no logos, no labels, no marks on the cap.  If the cap has marks on it, black them out with a marker before entering.

5.    Each beer must have a bottle ID form attached to it with a rubber band. Do NOT use tape or glue, DO NOT use metal wire to attach the form, ONLY a rubber band.

6.   User must file their entry form digitally.  Online registration will be open from 29.04.2018. on:

7.    The deadline for entries is May 31th, 2018.  All entries must be received by 17:00 CEST on that day.

8.    No beers will be accepted into the competition that were produced by a commercial brewery.  This includes very small, home based breweries that sell their beers commercially, even on a small scale.  No exceptions.

9. Beers must be dropped off at:

Slad Beer Shop & Tap Room (16h-23h every day except monday)
Nikole Tesle 5
26000 Pančevo

Or beers must be shipped to:

Branka Anovica 2a
26000 Pančevo


10. Judges will judge the beers against the category in which they are entered.

11. With that in mind, please make sure you enter the correct category. We will not be reassigning beers. They will be judged in the category in which they are entered. If you enter a NEIPA as an American IPA instead, you can get a lower score even if beer is good.

12. This competition will follow BCJP style of judging. All judges will have had sensory training with a Sensory Flavor Kit. Judges cannot judge in categories in which they are entered.  We will do blind judging. Judges will not know whose beer they are judging, so don’t be shy about entering a beer that you need feedback on.  Competition is a good way to get a critique of your beer that can help you improve as a brewer.  Nobody will know about your scoresheets unless you tell them.

13. After the competition, scoresheets will either be scanned and e-mailed to each competitor or sent via regular post.  This process takes some time, though, so please be patient.  It may take 4 weeks.

14. Winners of each category advance to the Best of Show round where the overall winner of the competition will be decided.

15. Medals will be awarded for Best of Show winner as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each consolidated category. There will be additional prizes awarded, but note that heavy items will not be shipped.